Gillian Kerr, Ph.D., C.Psych., President Emeritus  |  LinkedIn  |  ORCID

Dr. Gillian Kerr is a Canadian psychologist who consults with organizations, mostly nonprofits and the public sector, to improve their effectiveness. Most of her projects relate to policy analysis, evaluation, process improvement, performance measurement and the use of knowledge and information.

Gillian has assisted dozens of organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors to develop evaluation frameworks, logic models and/or performance monitoring systems. She was Vice President of United Way of Greater Toronto, and a member of the United Way of America Outcome Measurement Task Force that created the influential evaluation measurement toolkit used worldwide since 1999. She uses methodologies based on human service evaluation and policy analysis, integrating them with process improvement and systems perspectives.

Previous positions have included front-line roles in health and social services, including rehabilitation counsellor and clinical psychologist, and vice president of an information technology firm specializing in the non-profit sector. She developed several programs serving people with disabilities, including an AIDS prevention service, a pre-vocational program for Deaf adults with minimal language skills, and a community mental health clinic, and consulted to the Kellogg Foundation on the incorporation of culturally-relevant outcome measures for diverse ethno-cultural groups.

Among her clients are Citizenship & Immigration Canada, Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care, Human Resources Development Canada, Industry Canada, Yahoo Canada, Bell Canada, Microsoft Canada, the Canadian Hearing Society, the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario. Gillian managed several projects in Qatar, an Arab nation in the Middle East, including the development of a National Vision initiative that continues to guide Qatar’s long-term development strategy, and a performance measurement framework for the national statistical authority.

Areas of expertise: program evaluation, performance measurement, policy analysis, work flow creation, process analysis, program design, stakeholder consultation

Martha McGuire, M.S.W., CE, President  |  LinkedIn

Martha McGuire has worked across a number of sectors and is known for her ability with multi-disciplinary and complex projects. She combines this with experience with organizational and program development, including strategic and operational planning. She has worked with a variety of populations including the homeless, First Nations and other Aboriginal communities, children, older adults and people with disabilities. As well, she has worked in a number of disciplines including health, social services, employment, economic development and green energy.  This combination has supported the successes she has achieved in facilitating positive change in programs, organizations and systems. She has worked with private sector, government and voluntary sector organizations.

Martha has a keen interest in the development of the field of evaluation.  Through her work on the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) Core Body of Knowledge project with Rochelle Zorzi and Burt Perrin, she has contributed to a better understanding of the value of evaluation and what is needed to conduct credible and useful evaluations.  She has also been involved with the development of the CES Professional Designation Program.   She is a past board member and past-chair of the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society and is also the past-president of the CES National Council.  She represents CES on the board of the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation and is on the Management Group Executive for EvalPartners.  She received the CES 2009 Award for Contribution to Theory and Practice of Evaluation in Canada.

Martha teaches Effectiveness and Accountability through Evaluation at Ryerson University.

Serge Eric, Yakeu Djiam, IR, M.SC., CE, Director |  LinkedIn

As a Credentialed Evaluator (CE) with International Team Leader Profile, Serge Eric has 18+ years of experience worldwide. Fully Bilingual (French & English) with basic knowledge of Spanish, he led the design and implementation of over 70 country research worldwide either as individual or in team setting. He wrote two books, and developed 300+ reports, blogs, articles and papers. He works with stakeholders at multiple levels including Universities where he works/ed as Visiting Professor with the United Arab Emirates University in UAE, the Institute of Environmental Sciences in Cameroun, the University of Constantine II in Algeria, the University of Montreal in Canada; with government agencies, community-based organisations, program staffs, donors/funders, senior officers, partners’ agencies and UN agencies such UNESCO, IFAD, FAO, ILO, UNIDO, UNWomen, and WFP. He worked in Africa (23 countries), Europe (7), North-America, Middle-East (2), and Asia (3), in various environments including cities, villagers, forests, savanna, and Sahel.

He is very active in M&E and development evaluation worldwide mostly as adviser for youth empowerment for their inclusion into the society especially within professional networks such as with the African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) where he served as President, the Cameroon Development Evaluation Association (CaDEA), The Canadian Evaluation Society (CES), the Canadian Association of International Development Professionals (CAIDP), and the International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS). Serge Eric is serving as Mentor for number of online training program such as with the Development for Peace Program of Search for Common Ground in USA.

His academic background covers a Double International Master of Science in Rural Development, an Agronomist Diploma, Major in Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, and a BS in Biochemistry, Major in Human Nutrition. Serge Eric has a dozen of international certificate in international cooperation (North/South cooperation), Social science research methodologies, Planning and evaluation, and Equity-focused evaluation.

Areas of expertise: Agricultural and Rural development, Value-chain analysis, Financial inclusion and Small-grant assistance, Capacity needs assessment, Education & Vocational training initiatives, Poverty reduction policies, Food security and nutrition, Gender & Equity-focused evaluation, Planning and project/program management, Humanitarian assistance, Vulnerability assessment and resilience, Peacebuilding and transition initiatives, Community development, Environmental economics and natural resource management.

David Gotlib MD, FRCP(C), Director

David Gotlib is a general and child psychiatrist, and software developer.  He began his professional life with a degree in Computer Science and work as a data network engineer (pre-Internet!), then became (in order) a family doctor, GP psychotherapist, psychiatrist, psychiatrist + non-software developer.

He has a passion for delivering mental health services to those in need (particularly in under-resources regions).  He is the originator of the open-source KoNote software package — a Client Information System with a unique user interface that integrates narrative and quantitative information in the service of both front-line workers and administrators.


Karen A. Monsen, PhD, RN, FAAN, Director  |  LinkedIn

Dr. Monsen is an associate professor at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing where she co-directs the Center for Nursing Informatics. Her expertise is in public health nursing and nursing informatics, and her intervention effectiveness research employs diverse methods including text mining, theory-based analysis, data mining, visualization and longitudinal analysis. Dr Monsen leads Omaha System Community of Practice the Director of the Omaha System Partnership for Knowledge Discovery and Health Care Quality. She has worked extensively with health care agencies and systems regarding documentation issues and data management.

Dorothy Nyambi MD, Director

Dr. Dorothy Nyambi, President & CEO, Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA), is a social entrepreneur and international development practioner with 20+ years experience. Prior to joining MEDA, she served as the Executive VP for the AIMS-NEI global network and led a global consulting firm based in Canada for four years servings as its Executive Director. She is also a senior evaluator with Logical Outcomes, leading on social science and development projects.

With a global health and medical background, she has worked for the government of Cameroon, the U.S. Peace Corps, USAID, CARE, PSI, Right To Play International, CESO, and AIMS NEI amongst others. She has developed and managed major projects (bilateral and responsive) in the health, education, livelihoods, agribusiness, and infrastructure sectors for government donors and foundations. Her geographic experience spans North America, Central & Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, SE Asia and the Pacific.

A strong proponent and champion for metrics, results and evidence, she is a member of the Canadian, American and African evaluation societies. She serves as a volunteer with UNICEF Canada, board director with the Kigali Collaborative Research Centre hosted by CMU-Africa, Member at The Boardroom Africa and advisor with the Lancet Women.

Steven Uggowitzer, Director  |  LinkedIn

Steven has over twenty years experience in engineering internet technology, information and management systems; and over 15 years of international experience in public health and global health related information systems, deploying mission critical tools in large enterprise environments; and ICT support to health technical programmes at global, regional and country level. Steven is currently focused on interoperability and systems architectures based around DHIS2.

Wanying Zhao, Ph.D., Director  |  LinkedIn

Wanying is a research scientist, with a Ph.D. in Psychology. She is currently working for the Ontario Trillium Fund as an ‘Impact Measurement and Evaluation Analyst.’

Sara Gaudon, Executive Director  |  LinkedIn

Sara brings over 10 years of project management experience to her consulting work with LogicalOutcomes, including 1.5 years immersed in District Health Information System (DHIS2). Sara coordinates teams from around the globe to assess organizational requirements, provide online training and coaching, support configuration and hosting, test data collection, and create reports and dashboards.  In less than a year under Sara’s leadership, LogicalOutcomes has implemented five ‘Quick Starts’ for international NGOs, reaching field teams in Canada, Africa and Asia.

Sara is listed as a DHIS2 expert for North America on the new ‘DHIS2 Knowledge Repository.’ She has a background in project management and a degree in International Development. As Executive Director of LogicalOutcomes, Sara oversees business administration, supports the recruitment and on-boarding of new consultants, leads online marketing, and process improvement.

Areas of expertise: project management, research and analysis, training and facilitation, DHIS2 configuration and coaching, online media