DHIS2 Quick Start for non-profit monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring & evaluation (M&E) systems often fail: they tend to go wildly over budget, or over schedule, or don’t deliver what they promised – or all three (see Powers, 2009).  Yet funders expect nonprofits  – even small ones – to evaluate their programs as though it’s a simple task.

To manage the complex demands of a functioning M&E system*, we use District Health Information Software (DHIS2). 

DHIS2 provides all the elements of a fully functional monitoring and evaluation system. It combines a data warehouse, individual client tracking, data entry forms, sophisticated reporting and geographic mapping, and individualized dashboards. DHIS2 is used in over 50 countries and in many major NGOs including Doctors Without Borders, The Global Fund, PEPFAR and PSI, and has been adopted as the national health information system of over 12 nations. DHIS2 is for more than just health!

We have designed a ‘Quick Start’ process to enable NGOs to set up a working DHIS2 implementation as quickly and inexpensively as possible. 

DHIS2 mobile capture

The components of our DHIS2 Quick Start include:

  • Indicators based on your evaluation framework
  • Surveys and data collection tools
  • Data warehouse
  • Report templates and dashboards
  • Hosting and technical support
  • Coaching and training

We are especially interested in creating templates for non-health sectors to expand the usefulness of DHIS2. As with all of our work we will share our tools and templates freely with the international community.

Contact us to discuss how DHIS2 can fit your M&E needs.

*For background, see ‘M&E Software Comparison.’