Gillian Kerr, Ph.D., C.Psych., President Emeritus  |  LinkedIn  |  ORCID

Dr. Gillian Kerr is a Canadian psychologist who consults with organizations, mostly nonprofits and the public sector, to improve their effectiveness. Most of her projects relate to policy analysis, evaluation, process improvement, performance measurement and the use of knowledge and information.

Gillian has assisted dozens of organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors to develop evaluation frameworks, logic models and/or performance monitoring systems. She was Vice President of United Way of Greater Toronto, and a member of the United Way of America Outcome Measurement Task Force that created the influential evaluation measurement toolkit used worldwide since 1999. She uses methodologies based on human service evaluation and policy analysis, integrating them with process improvement and systems perspectives.

Previous positions have included front-line roles in health and social services, including rehabilitation counsellor and clinical psychologist, and vice president of an information technology firm specializing in the non-profit sector. She developed several programs serving people with disabilities, including an AIDS prevention service, a pre-vocational program for Deaf adults with minimal language skills, and a community mental health clinic, and consulted to the Kellogg Foundation on the incorporation of culturally-relevant outcome measures for diverse ethno-cultural groups.

Among her clients are Citizenship & Immigration Canada, Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care, Human Resources Development Canada, Industry Canada, Yahoo Canada, Bell Canada, Microsoft Canada, the Canadian Hearing Society, the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario. Gillian managed several projects in Qatar, an Arab nation in the Middle East, including the development of a National Vision initiative that continues to guide Qatar’s long-term development strategy, and a performance measurement framework for the national statistical authority.

Areas of expertise: program evaluation, performance measurement, policy analysis, work flow creation, process analysis, program design, stakeholder consultation


Martha McGuire, M.S.W., CE, President  |  LinkedIn

Martha McGuire has worked across a number of sectors and is known for her ability with multi-disciplinary and complex projects. She combines this with experience with organizational and program development, including strategic and operational planning. She has worked with a variety of populations including the homeless, First Nations and other Aboriginal communities, children, older adults and people with disabilities. As well, she has worked in a number of disciplines including health, social services, employment, economic development and green energy.  This combination has supported the successes she has achieved in facilitating positive change in programs, organizations and systems. She has worked with private sector, government and voluntary sector organizations.

Martha has a keen interest in the development of the field of evaluation.  Through her work on the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) Core Body of Knowledge project with Rochelle Zorzi and Burt Perrin, she has contributed to a better understanding of the value of evaluation and what is needed to conduct credible and useful evaluations.  She has also been involved with the development of the CES Professional Designation Program.   She is a past board member and past-chair of the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society and is also the past-president of the CES National Council.  She represents CES on the board of the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation and is on the Management Group Executive for EvalPartners.  She received the CES 2009 Award for Contribution to Theory and Practice of Evaluation in Canada.

Martha teaches Effectiveness and Accountability through Evaluation at Ryerson University.


Sara Gaudon, Executive Director  |  LinkedIn

Sara brings over 10 years of project management experience to her consulting work with LogicalOutcomes, including 1.5 years immersed in District Health Information System (DHIS2). Sara coordinates teams from around the globe to assess organizational requirements, provide online training and coaching, support configuration and hosting, test data collection, and create reports and dashboards.  In less than a year under Sara’s leadership, LogicalOutcomes has implemented five ‘Quick Starts’ for international NGOs, reaching field teams in Canada, Africa and Asia.

Sara is listed as a DHIS2 expert for North America on the new ‘DHIS2 Knowledge Repository.’ She has a background in project management and a degree in International Development. As Executive Director of LogicalOutcomes, Sara oversees business administration, supports the recruitment and on-boarding of new consultants, leads online marketing, and process improvement.

Areas of expertise: project management, research and analysis, training and facilitation, DHIS2 configuration and coaching, online media


Michael Potvin, M.S.W., B.S.W., Director  |  LinkedIn

Michael Potvin has worked primarily in the Housing and Homelessness sector for more than five years.  His has experience with program development, organisational planning, strategic planning, policy development, program implementation and implementation of Evidence Based Practice in agencies.  Further, he has experience with conducting research and evaluations with programs and organizations.  Michael has worked with several populations including chronically and episodically homeless people, people with chronic mental and physiological health concerns and seniors.  He has worked with municipal governments and the non-profit sectors.

Michael has an interest in the adoption of Evidence Based Practice in the non-profit sector through systematically searching empirical literature to identify interventions, implement interventions in broader programming, identifying outcomes associated with interventions and using evaluations to improve programming and better account for agency context.  To accomplish these tasks Michael has merged his experience with research, evaluation and clinical knowledge together to ensure the efficacy of programming in meeting populations needs.


Steven Uggowitzer, Director  |  LinkedIn

Steven has over twenty years experience in engineering internet technology, information and management systems; and over 15 years of international experience in public health and global health related information systems, deploying mission critical tools in large enterprise environments; and ICT support to health technical programmes at global, regional and country level. Steven is currently focused on interoperability and systems architectures based around DHIS2.


Wanying Zhao, Ph.D., Director  |  LinkedIn

Wanying is a research scientist, with a Ph.D. in Psychology. She is currently working for the Ontario Trillium Fund as an ‘Impact Measurement and Evaluation Analyst.’




Some of our consultants…


Paul Bakker  |  Paul’s website  |  LinkedIn

Paul BakkerPaul Bakker is the owner and lead consultant at Social Impact Squared. He has over six years of experience conducting research and evaluation. Paul is a highly critical and creative researcher with extensive experience producing actionable results. Paul has well-rounded skills, and is able to mix exceptional quantitative skills with qualitative methods. Paul pushes for methodological rigor, but his work with many different populations has strengthened his focus on balancing rigor with flexibility, ethics, and innovation. 

Paul has extensive experience working with the non-profit sector. Early in his career, Paul worked for Charity Intelligence and Imagine Canada, which both work to promote and strengthen Canada’s non-profit sector. As a research and evaluation consultant, Paul has worked with organizations that vary in size from intergovernmental organizations to small nonprofits with a few employees. Also, Paul is currently the Director of Research and Evaluation for Endeavour Volunteer Consulting for Nonprofits, where he seeks to build knowledge around how pro bono consulting engagements can best impact non-profit clients.

Areas of expertise: program theory development and testing, evaluation design & implementation, impact measurement, evaluation coaching, statistical analysis, and performance measurement


Prosper Behumbiize  

Prosper is a Global DHIS2 Implementer with Global HISP (Department of Informatics, University of Oslo) based HISP Uganda. Prosper has over 13 years experience working with Health Information Systems while working with US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- Uganda together with researchers, international organizations and Ministries of Health globally. Prosper is a member of the global DHIS2 expert community.

He currently supports: DHIS2 requirements gathering and field testing; training local, regional and global implementers at DHIS2 academies; ongoing DHIS2 global implementations in countries and partners of University of Oslo to customize, train and provide general guidance.


Georgi Chakarov, CIA  |  LinkedIn 
Georgi Chakarov

Georgi is a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and member of the Institute of Internal Auditors. Based in Bulgaria, Georgi brings years of professional experience as an internal and financial auditor, working with European companies across industries (manufacturing, retail, energy, transportation, services, construction, IT), making recommendations to eliminate violations and deficiencies.
As a consultant to LogicalOutcomes, Georgi works on DHIS2 ‘quick start’ projects, contributing to capturing requirements, system configuration, project management, and as a trainer and coach. He is also taking a lead role with Dr. Kerr in methods to identify valid indicators, describing metadata, and developing an open source metadata registry. With his internal auditing skill, Georgi led the development of data security policies and processes used by LogicalOutcomes.

Areas of expertise: DHIS2, indicator registry, financial auditing, internal auditing, risk assessment, data security, program review 


Brian Cugelman, Ph.D.  |  Brian’s website  |  LinkedIn 

Brian CugelmanSince 1997, Brian has built an extensive career in social mobilization, digital engagement, and program evaluation. Brian obtained his Ph.D. in Online Social Marketing with the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group, a world-leading Internet research team. He obtained his Masters in Business and Computers.

He is published in JMIR, the world’s top e-health journal. The United Nations General Assembly has recognized the impact of his digital campaigning work. He has been invited to act as an expert advisor for the World Anti-Doping Agency, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and the annual International Conference on Persuasive Technology. Even the Pentagon invited Brian to present his research on persuasive design to the Cyber Influence Project.

Areas of expertise: program evaluation, online research, analytics, statistical research, scientific-grade research, digital marketing, persuasive technology, online technology


Eric Munyambabazi  

Eric brings 10 years experience as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professional and Trainer, including experience as Management Information System specialist, Monitoring and Evaluation specialist, systems analyst, and Computer systems programmer. Eric is a member of the East African HISP programs and the global DHIS2 expert community. 

As a consultant with LogicalOutcomes, Eric is leading the development of applications to support data import, working across teams to manage development, testing, and training.

Areas of expertise: Health Information Systems, health informatics, systems design, data analysis


Janet Murray, MA, CE  |  LinkedIn

Janet is a credentialed professional evaluator with strong analytical, managerial and communication skills. For over 25 years, she has worked in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating community-based social development, financial capability, employment and economic development programs with public benefit organizations, funders and government agencies, both in Canada and internationally.

Janet has extensive experience evaluating complex, partnership-based, multi-site initiatives. She is particularly interested in facilitating collaborative learning and developmental evaluations grounded in a theory of change, solid performance metrics, and a range of quantitative and qualitative outcomes evaluation methods.

Janet specializes in evaluation coaching, working with managers and funders of programs to develop affordable and effective evaluation strategies. She builds organizational capacity to integrate outcomes thinking into programming, with the aim of strengthening practice and improving results.


Kalpesh Patel   |  LinkedIn

Kalpesh PatelKalpesh has served as architect and manager of engineering teams for 14 years in the areas of business application software, Internet applications, and mobile commerce applications for customers in the United States, Singapore, Italy, UK, Hong Kong, Indonesia and India. He is an expert in Content Management Systems (CMS).

Kalpesh is an Liferay/Alfresco trainer and has trained 100+ professionals in Content Management Solution all over the world. He has successfully delivered more than 50 enterprise applications using various Open Source technologies. 

Kalpesh has a bachelor in Computer Engineering from Dharmasinh Desai Institute of Technologies, Gujarat University, India.

Areas of expertise: Technology, Content Management Solutions, Alfresco, Liferay, eCommerce, Mobility


Jarret Ruminski, Ph.D.  |  LinkedIn

Jarret RuminskiJarret Ruminski is a research, communications, and education specialist with over 10 years of professional experience in qualitative and quantitative analysis in both the academic and private sectors. He specializes in researching social policy and human behavior, political and historical trends, and cultural demographics. Jarret is interested in learning why people do the things they do in order to change policies and practices for the better. In addition to his work with LogicalOutcomes, he has worked as a research consultant for a sustainable transportation/urban cycling project, and received his PhD in History in 2012. He has taught university courses in American, Latin-American, and World History. 

Areas of expertise: Qualitative research, policy analysis, report writing, education, communications. 


Nicholas Santillo  |  LinkedIn

Nicholas Santillo

Nicholas is an educator, performer, producer and project manager who has worked in the creative, academic and non-profit sectors for over eight years.  He specializes in using storytelling to facilitate learning, especially across diverse cultures and backgrounds. In this capacity Nicholas has taught and lectured on theatre and traditional Beijing Opera at Concordia University and produced several instructional video series and podcasts.

In the non-profit sector Nicholas is developing and managing the online DHIS2 curriculum for LogicalOutcomes.  He produces video content to enhance and support interactive online learning sessions, and facilitates the development of evaluation frameworks that can be implemented within the District Health Information Software (DHIS2).


Abigail Slater  |  LinkedIn 

Abigail SlaterBusiness/Concept Start-up: Over 20 years of experience in concept development and creative strategic thinking, developing, executing, and managing of start-up foodservice operations. Co-Created concept for Canada’s only traditionally manufactured bagel bakery/café including the origination of all documentation for multi-unit franchise system. Successful in securing private investment equity for new venture as well as negotiating exit strategies.

Created with partner Toronto’s largest all-women chef charitable event for Willow’s Eat to the Beat, raising over $3 million for the organization.

Food-Service Administration & Franchising: Created and operated a 14 unit bakery-café franchise concept – developed franchise agreements, operational procedures, computer systems, cash management, budgeting, trademark and property rights. Negotiated favorable supplier contracts, passing along cost savings to the franchisees. Directed re-sale of franchise stores and secured real-estate leases in a highly competitive and ever-changing landscape. Designed operational strategies and budgeting practices leading to goal setting and measurable results for both franchisee and franchisor. Ability to set priorities resulting in the maximization of limited resources to ensure efficiency and productivity at the administrative level.

Areas of expertise: Social enterprises, franchising, family business succession, not for profit board governance, business analysis and food-service operations.