LogicalOutcomes is a global network of researchers, evaluators and consultants.

We help non-profit organizations be more effective

  • We have no employees – all of us are contractors paid solely on a project basis except for a few core admin functions
  • We work in virtual teams that are created for each project

LogicalOutcomes does not use non-compete agreements, and we invite contractors to be profiled on our site so that they can promote themselves to an international audience.

Project management

We use formal project management processes:

  • Workplans with detailed tasks and milestones tied to estimated effort
  • Daily time tracking against project tasks
  • Agile methodologies to handle constant changes
  • Audits of data security and adherence to procedures

Benefits of working with Us

  • Monthly re-scoping

We can expand the scope of some deliverables while compressing others as the client’s situation and requirements change.

  • Flexible termination policy

No-conditions termination clause: either party may terminate the contract with 2 to 4 weeks’ notice. If the client decides to re-assign the evaluation to another company as their agency’s needs change, we will cheerfully transfer the project.

  • Option to outsource follow-up evaluation processes

Following a project’s completion, you can either hire our consultants to support your project’s data collection, analysis, logistics, administration or technical assistance – or we will train your staff or volunteers to take over.

  • Transparency

Join our online project workspace, and review project financials any time. 

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